Monday, September 22, 2008

Hazard 2

This has come up before. and pretty much to the same conclusion. I take this to heart. The last time was in a forum and about 95 percent of the people like the faces and do not agree with the hazard from suffocation.
I have taken great pains to try to make sure the quilts are safe. They are made from two pieces of material a top and a bottom. So that arms and legs wont fall off. Faces are embroidered so they won't come free and choke a baby or toddler. They are quilted (stippled) for durability and if they get a hole it will be harder to rip and will keep the rip or hole small.
I went to work last night and took a poll from mothers both old and young. I also talked to friends I have had for years and I asked them all what they thought of the question. Many have seen the quilts some have some one and a few I had to show them photos. one of my friend makes a great point. she said" When I brought home my first baby they showed me how to wrap him in a receiving blanket. There was a part of the blanket left free to cover the baby's face so the wind and cold would not hurt his skin. they also told me to tuck it under the baby when IT was not needed. They also told me to cover him with a heavy blanket. Again to protect his face. and he is now 18 years old. All of my friends did the same. As with anything you have to use common since. You don't just leave it over their face when it is not needed. not to mention all of the nursing mothers that would risk their babies for the sake of privacy. Didn't they cover their baby's head so people don't stare." So most mothers agreed with her statement. Another woman asked me what was the difference between covering you baby for a few second from the car to the house with a blanket and the elastic car seat covers, the ones with the flap you can open. So there are some thoughts from other mom.
P.S the photos with the baby whose face is covered is a doll. Not a real baby.
Thanks to Kim for the comment. I appreciate your thoughts and your suggestion.

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