Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I am being featured in a blog

Hi everyone I am being featured in a blog. this is the address http://10oneworld.blogspot.com/
go here and enter to win a Kuddle Zoo snuggler horse. He is soft and cuddly and perfect for just about anyone. So go there and I hope you win. thanks for looking and have fun


I was just thinking about how sometimes it seems like you're never going to sell anything. That maybe your stuff is not as good as you think or nobody but your friends would really buy it. Then poof you get a sale, you spirit soars and you know you had a great idea you just had to wait to get others to see it. That is part of the ride, one you take when you put what you think is a good idea out there to be judged by others. But on that ride you have to remember there is no bad ideas just different ones. It is a lot of work to start a shop or business. Making something with you own two hands with ideas from you own mind. but is is well worth the rewards.
ok off the soapbox and I am going to nap.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Yeah its alway a good day in the Kuddle Zoo

I am having a great day I got to package form two of my favorite people and I sold a snuggler.
So I am a happy camper. I have with a little concern and much apprehension made my own tags. for my KZ snugglers. I am tickled that I gave one a bath and it made it through the wash and tag is still there. I was worried the tag would be OK the the ink would wash out. It came out great. So for those of you that want to make your own tags you can do it with a simple stamp, ink pad and Ribbon. looks great and easy. now I am going to take a nap.
thanks one and all have a great day.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

I am Sooo excited!!!

Hi this is a great day I have been waiting and waiting for the copyright registration to get approved. O found out that both of them have been Approved. All of the Kuddle Zoo quilts are protected legally. The snugglers are on there way. for those of you wondering about Copyrighting you wonderful things. there are tons of treads about it on Etsy.com. or you can got to the copyright office online. To get the info. You can register to do it online which is not to bad. the thing you want to remember is to sign the paperwork. I know this because I was so nervous that I forgot and it is taking forever to get it on one of my copyrights. If you have a few items you can copyright a collection, all at once. Well I got to go to bed now thanks all and have a great day.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Good after noon all

I have gotten a couple of followers yesterday thanks, and I want to say thanks to Jen for you comments and everyone else for just checking my blog out. sorry so short today but I am just a bit tired. and I have to go back to work tonight. Yeah our team.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Naming my little KZ

I still did no't have any idea what I was going to call my little blanket for lack of a better word. So I was talking to a freind when the Idea of a a new name, Kuddle Zoo Snuggler. Wow that name fit for me and I think it is a cute name I hope it catchs on. sorry this is a short post but today I am at a loss for words.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A day of to work on my second job(LOVE)

I started a few mini Kuddle Zoo snugglers I will be posting them later today. I had read a while ago that you could make your own tags for the things you make. So I have been experimenting with different Ideas and I think I got a tag that will work. So check it out later.
For those of you wondering how of what i did I first folded and sewed some muslin. which worked but I think they are to big, so I went and bought some ribbon used a stamp I bought on etsy and now have a great tag. I think.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

a great morning

Hi one and all. I have the next couple of days off and will get some sleep today. maybe I won't be so cranky. I am working on a new mini kuddle zoo this weekend. My weekend is in the middle of the week. So the next couple of days is my weekend. I will try to get a few done. and I am working of making one of the original Cows. The original cow had udders that if you held it by the head and tail, the utters dangle. people love them but they take so much time to make. I want to celabrate this is sort of an anniversary quilt it will be 3 years ago I made the first one and it took me a year to give it to who I made it for.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Hazard 2

This has come up before. and pretty much to the same conclusion. I take this to heart. The last time was in a forum and about 95 percent of the people like the faces and do not agree with the hazard from suffocation.
I have taken great pains to try to make sure the quilts are safe. They are made from two pieces of material a top and a bottom. So that arms and legs wont fall off. Faces are embroidered so they won't come free and choke a baby or toddler. They are quilted (stippled) for durability and if they get a hole it will be harder to rip and will keep the rip or hole small.
I went to work last night and took a poll from mothers both old and young. I also talked to friends I have had for years and I asked them all what they thought of the question. Many have seen the quilts some have some one and a few I had to show them photos. one of my friend makes a great point. she said" When I brought home my first baby they showed me how to wrap him in a receiving blanket. There was a part of the blanket left free to cover the baby's face so the wind and cold would not hurt his skin. they also told me to tuck it under the baby when IT was not needed. They also told me to cover him with a heavy blanket. Again to protect his face. and he is now 18 years old. All of my friends did the same. As with anything you have to use common since. You don't just leave it over their face when it is not needed. not to mention all of the nursing mothers that would risk their babies for the sake of privacy. Didn't they cover their baby's head so people don't stare." So most mothers agreed with her statement. Another woman asked me what was the difference between covering you baby for a few second from the car to the house with a blanket and the elastic car seat covers, the ones with the flap you can open. So there are some thoughts from other mom.
P.S the photos with the baby whose face is covered is a doll. Not a real baby.
Thanks to Kim for the comment. I appreciate your thoughts and your suggestion.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Are my Quilts hazardous.

I received a question today about my quilts are they hazardous to the baby. meaning will they cause a suffocation hazard. This is the response I posted and I hope to answer anyone else's questions about the same issues. I will post the same Photos here so all can see the same thing

I have included photos for the side view of the blankets so you can see the gab the is built in to every blanket I also send directions for how to wrap the baby. I also warn all who but the quilts that you should never leave the baby unattended while the face is over the baby's head. I have made over 30 of these quilts and they all have a special baby to love. no harm has come to any baby. they are very warm and not usually great for sleeping in my grand baby slept in his when staying at my house(My house is really cold). I sent you a photo if that too. I hope that answers all of your concerns. I tried to make them as safe as possible. the only reason I have used the face was to cut down the wind in the baby's face.

Friday, September 19, 2008

sick and tired

I am sick today and just got off work just a quick hello and thanks to the two great people that left encouragement and nice comments about my new experiment. I will have to get more photos up here and more ideas I received my first copyright on all of my swaddling quilts so the are copyrighted and registered. now I am just waiting for the certificate. that is so cool I did not think I would ever have an idea that I could kind of own. anyway
I work nights so there will be days I do not post but on my days off I will every one of them.
have a great day. and I hope all of you that read this can understand threw my grammar and spelling mistakes. I do use spell check but you never know. I think it's out to get me.
have a great day.

First one

I sell Kuddle zoo quilts. the are soft and warm and cute if you want to see them go here.
this is my shop and the only place you can get on except through me directly.
I started to make them as a joke to cheer up a friend. she loved it but asked what can I do with it? her's covers her water cooler. A young friend came by with a fussy baby I told her she should swaddle him. but she did not know how and had not blanket. so I grabbed one of my animal quilts and the Kuddle Zoo swaddling quilt was born.

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