Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Consumer Product Safty Improvement Act

I am very worried that my Zoo will have to close. I have not the money to pay for the extra testing, or the to make a large quantity of one animal. Even if I wanted to. speaking for myself when I make a KZ quilt I want to make a quilt that will be special and not nesacarily one of a kind but not on found on every corner either. If I had to make 15 of each one I made I would spend a month or more on just one animal and there would be no verity in my shop. and add more to the final price.
I shopped for all my gift on etsy this year because I like knowing that the thing I bought for my family are not mass produced and special. they are special because people, individuals put a part of themselves into every part of making them. I understand we do not want to sell things that are bad or even dangerous for anyone. most of the thing that are found dangerous are thing that have been imported from countries that we have been outsourcing to and they don't care about the way they are made.
I work at a department store and one day I tried to find the made in the USA label I was dumb struck to see first hand how hard it was. I found china, Mexico, and India. but it took me three hours to find one label made in the USA. I find that sad.
when this new law goes into effect will the number be even smaller.
OK I am going to get of the soap box
I just needed to vent.
I just hope my animal don't become extinct.

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Bednar Family said...

I found your blog--I hope it's okay I skipped over to it. I love reading blogs!!! I can't believe what beautiful quilts you make. You are very talented. I am very jealous I don't even know how to sew a straight line--lol :) I hope that you'll continue to be able to sell your beautiful things it would be sad to see something so unique unable to be out there for people to buy. Hope you're having a great day! Good to talk with you.



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