Sunday, October 5, 2008

Boy am I haveing a ball

I always love to give something of myself to others. Every more so when I made it with my own hands. I made my first Kuddle Zoo Swaddling quilt as a gift not really thinking it would grow to a herd of animals and a couple of friends. It is something I really enjoy. I also like to think that someone is loving something I made just for them. I am giving one away in another blog I am being featured in the 6th is the last day so anyone wanting one for free that is the place to go. beside that she has some great thing there to see too. I have been reading through the comments and want to thank all the wonderful people and the great things everyone is saying. you all rock.
as always have a great day good night to you all or morning to you that sleep nights.

1 comment:

Geezees Canvas Word and Photo Art said...

Jen just forwarded me the picture of the horse snuggler, so have adorable stuff.
thank you....i am joining your blog...i will hopefully be doing a giveaway in december (need more followers
Thanks again


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